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  • 1000W Solar Energy Generator Home Backup Power Supply LiFePO4 Battery Storage
1000W Solar Energy Generator Home Backup Power Supply LiFePO4 Battery Storage

1000W Solar Energy Generator Home Backup Power Supply LiFePO4 Battery Storage

  • Model: MSSEGA-12V-1000W
  • Type: LiFePO4
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 90Ah
  • Product description: Power Bank, Backup Power Supplier, Solar Energy Battery Storage.
Product Description

Product Model



Solar Panel Input

1. Voltage:18V Power:≤150W

2. Voltage:18V Power:≤300W

(Note:2 option)

+/- Terminal Input

Voltage:DC14.6V Current:≤30A

AC Output

Output Power

Rated Power:1000W / Peak Power:2000W

Output Voltage


Output Frequency(Hz)


Output Wave

Pure Sine Wave

Max Efficiency


DC Output

USB Output

5V 2.1A / 1A

+/-  Terminal Output



DC12V Output


DC1:2A   DC2:2A   DC3:2A

12V LED Lamp need constant current function.

12V Car Charger

Voltage:10-14.6V  Current :≤8A




220V Fuse

5*20mm  250V  5A




Weight:approx 16.5Kg


Li-ion Battery Pack



1. This product contains lithium batteries, attention away from the source of fire.

2. Do not use this product in wet environment or water, pay attention to damp.

3. This product should be handled lightly, can not be fallen, beat, can not plug metal objects to the vent.

4. This product should be used in a well-ventilated place,When using this product and within 30 minutes after end of use,cannot cover this product with any articles, also cannot block the air vent.

5. When using AC220V power supply, first turn on the switch,after the lights is lighting 3 seconds ,then connect with electrical appliances.

6. the power of AC220V electrical load should not exceed 500W. The DC port cannot exceed the specified voltage and current.

7. If this product is not used for a long time, should be charged once every three months, so as to ensure the battery life.

8. When the device appears protected (Fault:no output current or voltage ), solution: 1: turn off the LED and USB switch, 2: Use solar charging or charger adapter to charge the device, then restore the device.

9. When device is charged fully and over-charge by solar panel , AC can not normally start. Solution: disconnect the solar charging plug, then turn on the AC switch, final plug in appliances,can work normally.

If you turn on the AC switch, start normal, AC outlet no output, or output about 2S , then stop. it may be the power of appliances is too large, device run automatic protection.The solution: reduce the power of appliances, and then check the fuse if burn Off or not.If burn off, then replace 250V5A fuse.

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